We can help you navigate your way around the media trends and sometimes confusing information. We can help you increase your physical activity in a number of different ways that give you options that cost little or nothing.

If you attend our classes and need extra help with motivation and technique we will help and if necessary Maggie can see you at your own home for free. It is important to us you get the very best from our classes.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us anytime if you need that extra help.

Maggie Hackney M.B.E


  • YMCA Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Pre/Post Natal
  • YMCA Aqua
  • Health Education Authority LAY/LAH
  • BACR Cardiac Rehab Phase 1v
  • Children’s Health
  • Bodycare Roadshow


  • Lead mainstream CardioDance aerobic sessions.
  • Class music and choreography.
  • Writing and distribution of newsletter.
  • Organising Health Promotion information.
  • Home visits to post natal mums and other individuals who need a more comprehensive health screening.
  • Planning any training for the team.

What I can offer Members

After a considerable amount of time in the fitness industry I have had the pleasure of getting to know everyone who attends our sessions.

We are always there for everyone during the happy times and to support anyone experiencing challenging times and I feel privileged to have met so many lovely people.

I am always happy to see individuals in their own home if they need help perfecting technique (no fee).


I teach Heartstart, Emergency First Aid and Defibrillator Training on behalf of BHF.

I created and manage Hitchin Defibrillator Scheme which involves fundraising for these possible lifesaving kits, selecting suitable sites, training volunteers to recognise a Cardiac Arrest and how to respond.

In my spare time I have fun and adventures with my three wonderful grandchildren.

Claire Horobin


  • YMCA Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Pre/ post natal fitness


  • Class music and choreography.
  • Distribution of health promotion news

What I can offer Our Members

I have an enthusiastic and friendly approach to teaching fitness.

I enjoy learning about new research regarding health and fitness and how we can share this with our classes.


I am at my happiest cycling with my family and going for runs. I continue to enjoy Activate sessions as instructors need to look after their fitness needs too!

Ruth Bishop


  • YMCA Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Fitness older Adult
  • BACPR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab
  • Fitness Pilates


  • Class Music and Choreography
  • Distributing Health Promotion information

What I can offer Our Members

A wealth of knowledge and support for their health / fitness goals.

I completed the training to become an exercise instructor and after 23 years I still enjoy teaching and continue to add to my fitness knowledge.

I like walking, gardening and reading.

Lynne Lemm


  • Maintaining crèche diary
  • Organising safe crèche ratio
  • Organising annual paediatric First Aid training for all carers
  • DBS checks for all carers
  • Feedback to parents
  • Documenting information on every child, especially food intolerance/allergies – dietary requirements