Our aim is to provide good quality, friendly exercise classes for all, and to inspire fitness in the community.

Our classes start again on Tuesday 19th April 2022.

We want to make your fitness journey with us a positive experience so we have been busy preparing all of our venues ready for our return. Some measures are still in place but classes are back to a full hour!

We are welcoming new members again to some of our classes.
Please contact us to check availability before starting your fitness experience with Activate.

We are now able to offer our fabulous crèche again. To begin with this will be on a Tuesday morning alongside our 9.15am CardioDance session and aim to review the Wednesday morning session later in the term.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to help.

Maggie and the Activate team.

Welcome to Activate Fitness

We’re always happy to talk and advise you. If you are unable to find the information that you’re looking for, contact us for more information.

"These classes are the best!

After many years of attending many different fitness classes I am reassured I have found the best.

I now understand what to expect from a "good fitness instructor" .

My fitness has improved beyond recognition and I am constantly reminded by all instructors about technique, how to adjust intensity and how to work around any existing injuries.

All of the team has the ability to teach a number of fitness levels within the same group, a rare skill."

— Eve Hammond

"I’ve been coming to classes for over 10 years and they have played a huge part in my fitness and wellbeing.

Maggie and her team of excellent instructors are constantly adapting the exercises and routines to ensure that everyone can get the maximum benefit from adopting the right technique - their knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none.

Each class I attend (Fitness Pilates, CardioDance and Circuits) is very different in approach, but all are welcoming, supportive and, most of all, fun!"

Becky Cox

Why Are We Different?

  • We are award winning!

  • Individually we have over 40 years experience in the fitness industry and we continue to add to our qualifications.

  • We work in a community setting.

  • We offer Personal training advice for free.

  • We have recognition from health professionals.

  • We are sensitive to individuals on low incomes.

  • We are non profit making.

  • Whatever your fitness level we can guide you through improving.

"As a new mum, the CardioDance class on a Tuesday and Wednesday ticks so many boxes for me.

The all over workout was instrumental in my post natal recovery and fitness.

The team are incredibly knowledgeable and offer tailored advice throughout to build up fitness levels.

The music is always motivating and distracts from the challenging cardio and core strength work.

Liz and the Crèche team take such good care of my children and knowing they are just in the next room gives me real peace of mind."

— Ruth Nye

I have attended Activate Fitness classes for the last fifteen years and have attended CardioDance, circuit training and Pilates at different times to suit my needs.

All the classes are well structured, considerate of all abilities and are supportive, stretch your abilities but still fun.

I have met some great people and certainly stayed fitter and more active than I would have done without them.

I currently do CardioDance and Pilates, one to provide some aerobic challenge and the second to provide support around core strength and flexibility and help me relieve the general tension in my back and shoulders.

The range of classes available are ideal to meet my different needs at different times of life.

— Gill Rees

“I have been going to Activate Fitness for over 24 years. All that time and 6 children later, I have never been fitter – thanks to Maggie and all her other brilliant instructors.

They are so professional and fill you with confidence that whatever class you attend, you will get the very best teaching based on up to date research and training.

And more than anything, all the classes are friendly and great fun. There would have to be a very good reason for me to miss my regular weekly sessions.”

— Kathryn Simpson